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Farm History

brophy farmCharlie Brophy and his wife Joyce are the fourth generation Brophys to live on the family farm. They love to entertain and it is not uncommon to see Charlie and his horses giving sleigh rides in the winter and carriage rides during the spring, summer and fall months.

In 1856, Michael Brophy bought the Brophy Farm for his son Jack Brophy. In the early 1900s, a fire swept through the area and burnt all the farm buildings. In 1910, the current Brophy farmhouse was built by Jack and his wife Maule. Two years later they moved to Pittsburgh and sold the farm to Charlie’s grandfather Ambrose. Ambrose and Louise Brophy raised their eleven children on the farm and in 1935, their sons Wilbert and Emery Brophy returned from Detroit, Michigan to take over the farm and raise their family.

In 1992, the Historical Society recommended that the road should be re-named Brophy Drive to recognize the family history. The last family reunion hosted 156 descendants celebrating at the farm—one of many celebrations and events to be hosted on this beautiful property in the rural outskirts of Ottawa.

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